Friday, May 29, 2009

Spent Orchid Bulbs

Some years ago, someone so proudly showed me an orchid flower that they had grown from a "dead" bulb. I think that perhaps the term is "spent" bulb. When I split up my orchids earlier this year, I had heaps of spent bulbs & decided to keep one just for an experiment. This pic is the result, and if I wait long enough I am sure I will get a flower spike too. I might also add that I gave a bag of spent bulbs away, & the lucky recipient has lots of shooting bulbs. So maybe it is not so hard to get flower spikes from spent bulbs. After all, if I can do it, anyone can. I wonder how long before I get a flower spike on this one.


Jamie said...

Hi Jenny
Just discovered your blog this afternoon! Orchids are as tough as old boots, so where there's signs of life there's orchids. And that is a flower spike in your other post, for sure. Orchids like being fed, so give them something and they'll respond.
I was given some individual pots of orchids as gifts ages ago and now I have pots and pots of the things, all divided and grown from the original starter plants. They're one of the best things about winter here in my little spot in the inner west.

Mandy said...

How fascinating! I do hope that it is a flower spike just as Jamie suggested in his comment above.