Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dust, Dust, Dust & Still More Dust

It's spring, & that usually means unstable weather. Yestrday was hot, humid & ikky, the kind of day that will only end in a storm, which it did. Great, cooling rain , cooling wind, & a clear perfect sky the next day. How wrong could I be? Instead we have dust! Thick red dust! From western NSW. Ikky horrible stuff that will not let me breath outside. All the windows are shut, the shutters are still down, and there are draft stoppers at every door, all trying to keep out this fine, red, gritty, ikky dust. The news reports this morning are saying it is the biggest one ever. I have seen dust storms before, only one mind you, but not like this, and never in Sydney. I wonder what Mother Nature will give us next.