Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr Cool

Today we had a very unexpected visitor. I was working in my sewing room when I heard a noise downstairs. It sounded like something clawing on the screen door, mostly my cat when she wants to go outside. But when I looked, the cat was sitting on the mat ( as cats do), very alert & with her ears pricked, so I knew I just had to look. To my surprise I found a blue tongued lizard sitting by the door. Shocked, surprised, how did he get inside? By the time I grabbed the cat & put her out of harms way, then raced for the camera, Mr Cool had decided to hide. I found him under the stairs, hiding behind all the junk.

OK, so how to get him outside? I did think of sweeping him out with a broom, but instantly dismissed that idea as harmful, and I did not want to hurt or scare him any more than he already was . So I rang WIRES instead, the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organization, who suggested that I make a trail of sliced banana, grapes, dog food or cat food, from under the stairs to the door.

Banana was good, I had plenty, and it worked, except that I disturbed him (wanting more pics) & he ran for cover under the stairs again. So that meant another trail of banana & to leave him alone for a while longer.Eventually I came out to check on him again, just in time to see him slip over the doorstep to the path outside, where he tried to hide under the trailer.

Eventually he found shelter between some pot plants, and I've been to check on him again but he is long gone.


Kinetic Fountains said...

I think I would faint if I saw that at my door. Followed by nightmares and sleepless nights. EEEEEK lol

WestChesterGarden said...

Great pics, what a cool looking lizard! There's nothing like them where I'm from.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

I don't think I would have been able to take time for photos...with him in my house! I'd probably be up on a chair calling for help;-)