Thursday, October 6, 2011

For the Senses

Today I had reason to visit my local library. When I got out of the car I noticed the perfume, nothing bad of course, but strong enough to notice. I had a quick look around as to what was in flower but noticed nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until I returned to my car that I saw the tree under which I had parked. Note, I had looked around but not up!

The tree under which I had parked was smothered with these yellow flowers and emitting a very strong perfume. I didn't stay long enough to examine it, just long enough to take a quick pic, &  now I am wondering what it is. I have searched Google for pics of similar flowers but have found nothing. My guess it is in the frangipanni family somewhere, but that is just a guess. It is the shape of the leaves & the perfume that makes me think this way, as well as the fact that I know that frngipannis come in a few different varieties.

I have parked under this tree many times before & have never really noticed it except for it's shade. Next time I will have a closer look.


india trade directory said...

Beautiful flowers...

Karen said...

Hi Jenny it is a native franjipani, Hymenosporum flavum? any way its an aust native franjipani.