Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Orchid Swallowtail

This morning on my walk to the shops I had something flitting around my face as I walked past a tree. As one does, I instantly tried to protect my eyes & when I opened them again this is what I saw. He (or she) was huge, about 8" across & just beautiful. Not often I get to see them & never get pics. This one was taken with my phone. I believe he is an Orchid Swallowtail.


Garden center San Antonio said...

Lovely. I hope you enjoy your dream. We dreamt of a peceful life in our own little house, and we got it. It wasn't always easy though and we very nearly let it go. I'm glad we didn't. Enjoy your lovely new space.

Karen said...

Butterflies are beautiful arn't they, nice blog Jenny.

sharon said...

Amazing i have never heard of such a thing..yet Australia is a fascinating place....Ive been there one time