Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yellow Fields

Some crop growing in the fields between Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan. The photo was taken through the window of the Shinkansen train that we had the pleasure to travel on during our recent adventure to Japan. The Shinkansen is the hi speed train (or Bullet train), that can travel to speeds of up to 320kms/hour. This train lowered our journey time between the two cities to just under two hours. A great way to travel I must say, very, very smooth.

As for the crop, I still am not sure what it is. Not the right colour for rice ( at least that's what I think). Our travel group had a small discussion as to what it might be but we came up undecided. A few days later, on a tour, I asked our guide. He was not sure either, but came up with canola, as they use canola oil in their cooking.

Whatever it is, as usual mass plantings make for dramatic views.

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