Monday, December 1, 2014

Geiko and Maiko

Geiko is the Kyoto dialect word for what we know as Geisha. What I did learn though is that we would never see a real Geiko or Geisha. These ladies may have been Maiko. What is the difference? A Geiko ( Geisha ) is highly prized and protected, surrounded by body guards, and slipped into and out of buildings with the utmost discretion. A Maiko is an apprentice Geiko.

Gieko  ( or Geisha ) entertain with dance, music, playing instruments, performing tea ceremonies and conversation. They are highly trained professionals whose main objective is to make guests feel at ease.

Whether these ladies are Geiko, Maiko, or just ladies playing dress-ups for the tourists, I loved the costumes! I would have loved to have touched, felt and turned inside out to see how they were made. That was a no-no though, these ladies are treated with the utmost respect, and do not stay still for photos. I was lucky to get this one.

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