Tuesday, August 25, 2015


A view of Keelung as taken from the bus we were travelling in. We were finally on the bus and on our way into Taipei for our tour.

Although we were the first bus in the queue, we were the last to leave, many thanks to our dreadful tour guide. Although all of the seats on the bus were full, he still had names on his list that were not marked off, and he was on a search to find them. After waiting for quite some time for these names to show in person, our guide then decided to check his list against the passengers seated on the bus. More time wasted as he struggled to pronounce passengers names. After much ta doing, we were finally on our way, with a full bus, and over 30 minutes late in leaving.

As a result of this fiasco by our tour guide, we lost stops on our tour, and didn't get to see everything.

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