Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Windy Weather

Spring in Sydney brings very changeable and unpredictable weather. Yesterday was supposed to be a hot day, ending with thunderstorms in the late afternoon. As days went, it was warm and cloudy, but not hot. The storms, when they came, brought us a little rain, but not much else. It looked menacing on the way home, but a few drops of rain and a little wind was all we got.

Later in the night it was a different story. The wind howled around as it rattled everything in it's path, and the rain came tumbling down. Everything was safe though, or so I thought.

This morning when I went to go out, I found this birds nest on my back lawn. There were three nests  in the neighbour's gum tree, and on closer inspection it was the kurrawong's nest that was missing. The two crow's nests at the very top of the tree were both still there.

On close inspection again, I could see two baby kurrawongs sitting in the tree. Babies because their tail feathers are not very long. I only managed to get one baby in the photo though, and he is being protected very well by one of his parents. I am not sure how well they can fly yet, I will watch and observe.

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