Monday, September 22, 2008

Pruning Day

Yesterday was such a warm day, with temperatures reaching 23 degrees, & it was just too nice to be inside. So I made a decision to prune my climbing rose on my side fence. The males of the household who mow the lawn had been complaining about getting attacked by wayward rose tendrills. It has been flowering, & I wanted to wait until the flowers were finished before I did anything. So my climbing rose has gone from this:-

to this:-

As I was pruning away I noticed quite a lot of new little shoots like this,

which I know will produce buds like this:-
Lots of them went in the green waste bin which is unfortunate. They would have made a beautiful show in a few weeks. Still, the lawn mowers will be much happier about not getting attacked by thorns, and there are still quite a few left that will pruduce some flowers for me.

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