Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Welcome to my garden. I have been incorporating some of my garden into my stitching blog & thought that perhaps I should keep a seperate blog just for my garden. Who knows how frequently it will be updated & what with, only time will tell. But I hope to show you all the wonderful plants & flowers, as well as all the creatures that live in it.
Over the weekend spring definately sprung in Sydney with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees. On Saturday morning this iris was just a fat bud with no colour. By Sunday afternoon it was in full bloom. I love these irises, & cannot wait till they multiply so I can have more.

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Christine said...

Hi Jenny, just popped over to have a peek at your garden blog. I love irises too, they always seemed to be like colonial ladies in large dresses to me as a child and I've loved them ever since. And of course they often come in my favourite colour, purple ! My own garden, on the other hand, isn't worthy of photo just now, I don't have "flowers" growing only native shrubs. You could say I have a brown finger when it comes to gardening, LOL.