Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pretty Fern or Noxious Weed

Well, once again I have learnt something new. On close inspection to my asparagus fern, I found it had these little flowers. I didn't even know these ferns flowered. I know ferns to have spores for reproduction, not flowers. So I have been doing some research & some reading, and found this page on asparagus ferns and this one on ferns in general. Ok, so because this fern has flowers, does this mean it is not a fern at all? I have learnt one thing today, I am growing a noxious weed ( well two actually) in a pot! Hey, it is interesting, and survives the heat.


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

You're correct in that this isn't a fern, but actually a monocot and related more to lilies than to ferns. I can't tell which species you have, but if it's noxious, that's got to be an Australian problem--it's not listed as such here. It's always fascinating how a plant that is well behaved in one climate goes totally rude and overbearing in another, isn't it?
Occasionally we see wild asparagus plants along the roadsides, a result of birds taking the berries from plants that ripened on a farm or in a veggie garden, but it's certainly not a problem.

Sunita said...

Well... who knew! All this while I thought so many of these feathery-leaved plants and now it seems they're weeds! It figures... for once a plant goes out of its way to spread itself all over the garden... it has to be a weed, huh? Not if I dont think so! :)