Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing Chasies With a Stick Insect

Last weekend I was pottering in the garden, digging up weeds & doing some light pruning, some pieces of which I took inside to put in a vase. As I was trimming the pieces to arrange in water, I spotted this stick insect crawling all over the leaves.I ran for the camera & followed the poor little fellow around all over the leaves, down the side of the vase & onto my kitchen bench.
He really didn't like me chasing him with the camera, and he blended into my benchtop too well.
At one stage he thought he would hide under a leaf where I could not see him.
After lots of chasing, trying to get that "perfect" shot, I felt sorry for him & took him back ouside to sit in my wygelia tree. He very soon disappeared.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Insects are one of the interesting things about gardening. Until then I had no idea how many and how interesting they were.

Anonymous said...

It's actually a praying mantis. some are big enough to kill small birds. beautiful insect one of my favs
just don't threaten one