Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sumida River Cruise Pt 8 - Bridges

Along our cruise we passed under a total of thirteen bridges. As we were sitting towards the back of our transport, and not next to a window, I found it hard to get pics if the bridges as they spanned the river.

Instead I got pics as we passed under the bridges.

We use bridges to cross something. It could be water, or it could be another road. As we cross a bridge we are usually viewing what we can see from the bridge. Some people like to step away from a bridge to take pics of the whole bridge. But how many of you have taken pics from under a bridge? This was not something I had thought of, but as we passed under so many bridges along our cruise, I actually found the underneath side of the bridges interesting. It is amazing how different they all are, different lines, directions, shapes, and colours. 

Maybe some of these lines might appear in my textile work one day.

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