Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sumida River Cruise Pt 9 - A Walkway Bridge

Along part of the Sumida River there were other little waterways leading and draining down into the river. As we look along these feeding waterways, we still get to see the high rise. We also see other bridges and boats.

The bridge in the foreground looks like a pedestrian bridge, carrying walkers from one side to the other. The walkers are dressed in business suits, so they may be on there way home, to a business meeting, out for afternoon tea, or who knows? All I do know is that the opening at the end of the bridge is not large enough for cars.

If we look below the main bridge we can just see an archway to a second bridge crossing of this waterway, and looking through the bridge we can see a raised bridge further in the background. I am tipping the raised bridge goes over a busy road. We had already experienced these raised wide walking platforms above roads. Rather than queuing at lights waiting to cross the road, walkways were elevated and accessed by escalators. This kept both the traffic moving and the pedestrians moving.

We can also see boats at the edge of this waterway. I won't even guess as the their purpose, but i doubt they are pleasure craft

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