Monday, February 23, 2015

Kyoto Station - The View From The Roof with Typhoons

We did make it up all those escalators I spoke of yesterday, to check out the view from the top. There was a clear barrier ( glass or perspex I am not sure) so the view was not inhibited, but what it did give was raindrops and reflections.

Yes it was raining that day, the beginnings of a typhoon. It was all over the news & I was on the understanding that we were heading away from it. Someone informed me that we were heading right into it. Mmmm....... if anyone really knows me they will know that storms are my phobia, and to hear that we were heading into the typhoon set me into a mild panic. I need not to have worried, as if the rain & wind we went through was a typhoon, then Japan has nothing on Sydney's thunderstorms. Yes it was wet and rainy, and wetter and more heavy as we headed into Tokyo, but I have seen worse, much, much worse. It was nothing that a little umbrella and my trusty poncho could not handle.

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