Friday, February 27, 2015

Tokyo Trains

We made it back to Tokyo and had to find our way to our hotel. The girls who had organized our trip had been sent directions from the hotel staff, so between these and our seasoned travelling companions, we were on our way. We had to change trains at Tokyo Central Station. As this is at least four times the size of Sydney's Central Station, I was a little overwhelmed and just played follow the leader again.

Our trusty leaders led us to the suburban trains, of which we had to catch one, and travel only three stops before getting off and walking to our hotel.

The pic above shows the view inside a typical suburban train in Tokyo. They are slightly different than ours in Sydney. Sydney trains have more seats and less standing area. At least they had lots of places to "hang on ". It was also interesting to note the use of English as well as Japanese signage. DH and I never did catch any of the public transport by ourselves, but there was enough English that i think we could have.

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