Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travelling To Tokyo

After looking around Kyoto Station we finally made it to our platform to catch the Shinkansen back to Tokyo. Waiting for this train was an experience in itself. There were designated spots for the train to stop, just so that the doors would be at an exact  point when they opened. At these points, there were queuing lines, so there were no pushing & shoving to get on the train. Everything was orderly.

The trains and the platforms were also beautifully clean, as was everything we experienced in Japan. I did mention before about the shoes off experiences in the temples & shrines, and it was also shoes off in most of the restaurants. Hand bags were something else. These were never to be placed on the floor or over the back of a chair. They were to be placed on the seat beside you or behind you, but never on the floor. A Few places provided baskets under the tables to place handbags into while eating

It was also interesting to note the English signs for us tourists. I was still playing follow the leader at this point, but I think I could have found it all by myself if I had to.

We had walked from our hotel to the train station ( about 15 minutes) , then all around the station, all the while dragging our luggage with us. Consequently it was nice to get on the train. It had been drizzling with rain when we left, and as we approached Tokyo the rain got heavier. It was a two hour journey back to Tokyo, some down time that we all took to catch up on sleep, just rest, or in my case catch up on some journal writing,

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