Monday, March 2, 2015

Hotel Foyer

This was the view of the hotel foyer from the hall way window on our room floor. We were up on the 36th floor, but it only looked like we were on the 5th or 6th. The foyer was in the center of the building, with views out over the city and the mountains. Those potted plants were like small trees that we could sit under, making it appear to be outside. There was also a clear roof over the top so the current drizzle from the typhoon didn't bother us.

As I said yesterday, the foyer was on the 29th floor, and the rooms were above this. I am not sure what was housed in the lower 28 floors, possibly offices, and maybe even apartments or living spaces. I do know that the lifts went down to basement levels, and from there we could access all kinds of restaurants, 7/11 stores,  ( which sold everything! )and convenient stores . It was also only a few minutes walk to the train station.

I found  the lines in this pic interesting, and you never know, maybe they may appear in my stitching sometime in the future.

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