Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vending Machines

We had had dinner, ventured outside in the rain to check out the façade of the station, and were now back inside to catch another train back to our hotel. This is when I found this vending machine.

I didn't have time to play with it, and I really didn't need to, but it was interesting to see that that it was screen orientated, and the screen changed every few seconds. I have used vending machines before, but not quite like this one. Not quite sure how it worked, there was a button to turn that would obviously do something, or maybe it was touch screen?

It was also interesting to note that it gave the weather details ( check out the top pic). Yes it was still raining, that pesky typhoon was still hanging around. I might add here that the rain and wind intensified by the time we completed our three stop journey. It was quite heavy  and blowing at an angle when we had to walk back to the hotel. We did have poncho's and an umbrella which kept us basically dry. Though if this is a typhoon, maybe the Japanese should come to Sydney in summer and experience one of our thunderstorms. Then they may know what weather is really about.

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