Monday, October 20, 2008

Channel-Billed Cuckoo

Yesterday I noticed a different bird in the gum trees in my neighbour's yard. There were two of them actually & they were so noisy. I recognised their call as the one which I sometimes hear at night. Over the last few weeks I have started to hear them again & I was really happy to finally see who or what has been to blame for all the noise.

I was not quick enough with the camera to catch a pic, so this one is from Waratah Software, and pictures the channel-billed cuckoo with a kurrawong.

I have also learnt this morning that this bird migrates to Northern & Eastern Australia from New Guinea & Indonesia each spring, & goes back in late summer & early autumn. Their calls can be heard here, just scroll down to the second on the list & click on the sound file. Oh joy, I have six monts of listening to these calls at all hours of both day & night. The kurrawong song I can handle any time.

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