Saturday, October 18, 2008

Subtle Colour

A gazinia for you all today. This is just one of the many colours of gazinias in my garden. They are not my favourite flower, in fact when we first moved into this house there were yellow/orange gazinias in the garden sitting above red pebbples. Yuk! So over the years I have slowly got rid of the red pebbles, built up the soil and planted other things. Over the last few years of drought, I have lost a lot of plants in my garden, so I have had a serious look at what has survived and to make the most of those plants. Gazinias were on the list. The horrible yellow/orange ones have gone and instead I have got more sublte shades of pink & cream. They seed very easilly & have started to spread, giving a great carpet of colour, blocking out the weeds, and forming shade for the roots of my roses.

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