Friday, October 10, 2008

Working Hard

This morning a pic of the bees at work gathering pollen form my wygelia. It is good to see the bees active and still around. I have heard stories about the bees dying out and the disasterous effect that this would have on our world. No bees, the plants are not pollinated, therefore no seeds are formed, therefore no new plants to provide us humans with food. They forgot to mention that other insects like beetles, butterflies, ants etc, also pollinate plants, though I am not sure whether each plant has it's own helpfull insect for this process. Probably they do. I did hear at one stage that Australian bees have not been affected by whatever is happening to the bee population in the rest of the world, and our bees have been sent overseas to help with the problem.
My wygelia flowers have different stages of colour. They come out very light pink and gradually get darker as they age. The bush is nearly at the end of it's flowering season already.

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