Friday, November 28, 2008

Caterpillar Party

Yesterday the weather forcast was for late showers & thunderstorms, so being the storm watcher that I am, I was checking the radar site to see if any were on their way. By 4pm there was a whole band of storms along the ranges, so hoping we would get our share of rain, I put all my wall pots out to get a drink. Doing so, I noticed one particular geranium looking a little sad, and on further inspection I found out why. There were at least five of these little creatures having a party on my plant. Needless to say the party was soon over. I might also add that the storms missed us totally.

This morning I noticed a very red sunrise, "red in the moning, shepherd's warning" and all that stuff. So I am hoping for some rain today, the forcast is for storms again, so we will just have to wait & see. There are more caterpillars having another party again this morning so I think it is time to bring out the heavy artillary................. bug spray!

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