Thursday, December 4, 2008

Orchid Growth

I noticed the other day that a few of my orchids are putting up new shoots. I admit that I do not know a lot about growing orchids, but I am learning. Maybe they need repotting & splitting up. Some of the pots are becomming very crowded and could do with some TLC. The above pic is of my rock orchid from before, while the one below is a new shoot on a different type of orchid.
The local orchid society has displays at our local shopping center every year & I gather infromation & new plants form them each time. This past year I was told that this orchid should put out new growth from part way up the stem, and now it finally has. The last few years it has only put out new shoots from the base, this year it has done both. I'll just watch & see what happens.

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