Friday, December 5, 2008

Slimey Things

This morning dawned cloudy & by the time I went for my morning walk, it was raining lightly. So by the time I came home, guess what was crawling all over the garden. A member of my family has a habit of seeing if "snails can fly", and with a toss in the air the snails land on something hard like the road or driveway. Guess who has also picked up the habit, only to find out this morning that sometimes this just does not remove the snails pemanently.

So this morning I returned to a memory of my father, who used to fill an old paint tin that he had (complete with wire handle) with boiling water. He would then go around the garden, in the rain, collecting every snail he found, and drop them into the tin. This was me this morning, with a bucket partially filled with boiling water, collecting every snail I found. I might add that the snails definately did not like the hot water, and are now cooling ready to be manure for my garden.

I might also add that the rain did not last very long & was not even enough to wet the driveway.

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catmint said...

My favourite and least cruel way of killing snails is to leave out saucers of beer. The snails are attracted to it, fall in and drown with a smile on their faces.