Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australia Day in Review

Yesterday ( January 26th) was Australia Day. It is the day our country celebrates the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip & the First Fleet at Sydney Cove, in 1788. It also marks the beginning of European settlement in this great country of ours. Much fun & entertainment was to be had all around the country for anyone who wanted to take part. So today I thought I would show you all Sydney's front yard, our beautiful Sydney Harbour, as we all celebrated Australia Day.

First up there were the ferries at Circular Quay, dressed up for the Great Ferry Race.

Then there was the famous "Coathanger", (the Sydney Harbour Bridge),

and of course the Opera House.

There are also magnificent fig trees that shade the lawns of Kirribilli House, the official Sydney residence of our Prime Minister. the cliff faces of North Head,

secluded beaches,
light houses that guide the way for all the watercraft,
the cliff faces along the northern shores,
the wharves that line Walsh Bay,

and the city skyline from the entrance to Darling Harbour.
It may have been a grey, cloudy day, but the harbour is still beautiful in any light. There are lots of walks around the harbour foreshores, and I have plans of exploring them all over time. I had a great Australia Day, and I hope all my fellow Aussies did too.


Grace Peterson said...

Happy Australia day. I loved the photos and your comments, your obvious pride of your country. I hope you'll post more pictures. Your blog very interesting. Grace

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I really liked this photo tour of Australia...part of Australia, anyway. You did a wonderful job taking them. Happy Australia Day, a bit late:)