Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lady Bug

Ok, so the heat has come, gone, & on it's way back again. Hopefully not quite as hot as last week. It doesn't seem to stop these little guys though. I still find them occasionally crawling over the leaves of my roses looking for the aphids to eat.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I don't know if we've met yet. I'm a newbie. I love you bloggers down under because you write about summer!! Your ladybug photo is awesome. It takes some serious talent to get that close and not have it fuzz up--like mine do.

The white markings on the black part (the thorax?) are unique. I haven't seen this in Oregon ladybugs. Interesting.

siskelkk said...

Such a useful bug and surprisingly cute! If he has friends tell some of them to come for a holiday in Melbourne - they can munch on a veritable feast of bad bugs on my balcony!

sowing the seeds said...

Beautiful pic of your ladybug, thankyou. I have been noticing many around lately too...today at the supermarket I picked up a capsicum with ladybug situated on stalk! Had to save her from Bi-Lo :)