Thursday, January 29, 2009

Waterfalls & Appologies

Back in September when I started this garden blog, I went searching for other garden blogs to look at and add to my side bar. After all, if there was a world full of stitching blogs, then there must be a world full of garden blogs as well. In time, I stumbled upon Blotanical, a site that lets gardeners interect from all over the world. Somehow I joined this group, and am only now discovering some of what goes on. Yesterday I discovered I have my own message page, where people can ( and have) leave messages for me, all 18 of them. So to everyone who has left me a message, please forgive me for not answering. I only discovered you yesterday, and I promise to answer all messages deliverd from here on in.
Today's pic is to entice me to think "cool". This is Wentworth Falls in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I am wishing I was there at present as Sydney is having another warm week (though not as bad as Adelaide & Melbourne), and I am keeping inside in airconditioning. My heart goes out to all the North Americans who are covered in ice & snow. I hope it warms up for you all soon.


Grace Peterson said...

It took me awhile to figure everything out too. I had to ask a fellow blogger how to do the "Picks." Duh. :)

The falls looks beautiful.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jenny, What a lovely Falls. I have always wanted to visit Australia I think it is fascinating all but the lethal critters you have there. I am a chicken heart when it comes to snakes. Once bitten always afraid :)
Hey, that white bug even looks a bit scary to me.
I need to send you all some of our cold and you can send us some of your heat wave and we will all be comfortable.
Keep cool girl!