Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A New Rose

Over the last few months, part of the garden has been in the middle of a make-over. Where once a footpath stood, ( that led to no-where following house extentions) there is now all garden. We pondered for a while what we would plant & concluded that it would be roses, daisies, jonquills, & a frangipanni tree, all of which are elsewhere in the garden, so now it all flows. We had kept the labels of the roses at the front so we went hunting to get the same ones. Plenty of the white iceburgs, but no Lorraine Lee (the pink ones), so we had to make a new decision. This one is Leonardo De Vinci, still pink, but a very differnt pink, and a lot more petals than the other pink rose. I think it will still blend in, after all, this section is down the side where the other roses are at the front. The white iceburgs, frangipanni & jonquills will tie everything together.

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