Thursday, March 26, 2009

Red In The Morning.......................

There is something to be said for old sayings. I used to hear as a child "Red in the morning, shepherd's warning." Well, this was the sunrise yesterday morning as viewed from my back door, and I thought of that saying as I pondered what was in store for us for the day weatherwise. It was a sunny/ cloudy kind of day, nothing special ,until I spotted the cloud formation to the south of us around mid afternoon. Storms are my phobia & I watch them like a hawk. This one wasn't doing anything much, well at least not wandering too close to us. There was rain in it, but we weren't getting any. It wasn't until much later, after dinner , that the rumbles & flashes started. This one was comming from the west and was making it's presence known very loudly. Putting on a fantasic light show, it thankfully didn't wander too far east. Just far enough to give a little drink to my garden.

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