Monday, March 16, 2009

A Visitor in Autumn

One day I will get a great pic of a dragon fly. I have tried a few times & so far this is the best that I have got. This little one made a visit to my garden with one of his friends last week. I do not see them very often so it was a pleasure to have them.
It is Autumn in Sydney and this morning definately had signs that summer is gone the chilly weather is on it's way. A minimum of 13 degrees overnight, this has been the coolest night so far this year. We have also had some rain. A late afternnoon storm on the weekend, then two later at night, brought a total of 32mm to the garden, which made pulling weeds yesterday easy.

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Concrete Jungle LA said...

This is a fun pic - the dragon fly almost looks like a baby frog :)